The Concept of Passive Income

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5 Responses

  1. Joel Jemba says:

    First and fore most, this is hilarious, secondly I was planning to avoid the whole article because of the title, but hey, when I read the first line of the blog I was glued to read the whole post. well done, and no, you won’t die tonight! Like I said this is hilarious!
    Now, those passive income ideas, in case you get some, after the feedback from different readers/visitors, please share, me as me I want some of them as well.

  2. Niwagaba Roland says:

    Remember that conversation we had about I can also send you a copy of the 4 Hour Week by Timothy Ferris. It has very many scenarios of people making passive-enough-income.

  3. b40deep says:

    bambi share when you get the “silver bullets” 😀
    Love the piece! You should do comedy for passive income 😀

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