To Smile or To Not Smile

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  1. Estar K says:

    Eh, I have so much to say in response, it may end up as a post. *apologies in advance*
    Yes, I do fake smile from time to time. I think most of us do. Of recent, I have decided to stay away from people until the fake smile isn’t necessary. There are times though when you have a genuine one because of the people you are around, making you forget, even for a moment how difficult life is, after which you can go back to ‘drowning.’
    As for being present and watching over our own, I strongly concur and this goes beyond the occasional text. Emoticons have enabled our desire to hide emotions . Whenever we can, we should listen to voices, look into eyes, go the extra mile to feel.
    Vulnerable is not the most attractive look but why have loved ones if we can’t let them see even the bad and ugly side of us?
    The society we so often want to please cares nothing for us, to the extent of mocking suicide and/or mental illness and instability. The onus is really on us to jealously guard our space, our light and love loudly.

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