Let’s talk Social Media Influencers!!

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  1. SSENYONGA says:

    This is a very insightful take on the issue of influencers. If I was to give my two cents…I would say that besides the usual quantitative stats such as followers, likes, tweet, friends, blog hits, etc it is very crucial that those recruiting influencers also look at the person's qualitative score. For example, I do not take alcohol so it would not make sense for an ad agency for a beer company to give me a shot. However if the event is about kimere… dude I am in. If you have an event about education, EAC matters then I expect a heavy cheque because my following already knows I am about that. So it important to dig into the influencer's personal brand and see that it rhymes with whoever he is trying to cause influence for. The buck stops with those hiring because many of the influencers need all the cash they can get and my not turn down a deal because there are whoring.

    Those are mine (Ebyo bye byange). Peace!

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