Wheels Up, On Time

I am a last born – what that basically means is that I had no say in what was watched on television at home. For some reason people usually assume that reaction of tears to pretty much everything that last borns usually have is as a result of kyeegyo that comes from parents letting the last born have whatever they want, sometimes with some coercion of these water works.

What no one mentions is that the tears don’t work when mummy and daddy are away. Sometimes I cried because I just wanted to have a say in what we would watch.

There is that saying about silver linings and clouds; to be honest, the weather being what it is now, and memories of getting drenched on my way home after 40 Days over 40 Smiles Foundation’s #4040Night Book Launch Edition last Friday, I now remember why I didn’t easily buy into the saying.

Emphasis on easily because I somewhat bought into it. After what felt like decades of watching Jack Bauer (LOL, what is 24?), Prison Break and The Mentalist, we (read my siblings) discovered Criminal Minds. Initially, I liked it because I enjoyed watching Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) break into doors, and chase down unsubs (unknown subjects read the bad guys), then I was just happy that I didn’t have to deal with Red John anymore but eventually it was meeting the one true love of life Spencer Reid that got me hooked to Criminal Minds.

In case you missed it, Spence (Yes, we are on first name basis), is the silver lining I was talking about earlier. I continued watching Criminal Minds even after I left home, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to go all the way back to season one. (A moment of silence for Jason Gideon).

Thirteen seasons down the road, we don’t have the original wheels up guy, Mr. Knock down doors is a baby daddy, My baby Spence has been to hell and back, Prentiss died then turned out to be alive, I am still hoping that Morgan and Baby Girl will get together, Rossi, one of the original profilers, is Rossi as always, and JJ is a mother and an SSA and still giving the bad guys a run for their money. A few new members have come and gone, the latest being Matt Simmons, former International Response Team member from Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

If you love any series like I Iove Criminal Minds then you have probably been through the struggle to get new episodes in good time before Spoilers drop on social media. And so when GOtv Uganda launched GOtv Max, which has Fox Entertainment, I knew couldn’t contain my excitement. At only Ugx 49,000/- per month, I can happily live my life, keeping up with my love Spence.

GOtv Max is the newest GOtv bouquet with over 45 channels. GOtv Max has four additional channels; Fox Entertainment, Sony Max, CBS Reality and Super Sport Select 4. To maximize your TV experience, you can get GOtv Max at any GOtv stand. If you are already on GOtv Lite or GOtv Value, all you have to do is upgrade to GOtv Plus.


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