What is Your Agenda?

I am a Christian. I go to Watoto church. We recently started a new series, ‘Break Free’ and it is basically about not living under any oppression as a Christian; breaking free from oppression. This week we learnt about breaking free from lust. The devil’s agenda when tempting us with lust is convincing us that it is okay, convincing us that everyone is doing it.

I know I sound more naïve than I am when I say that I didn’t know people always have an agenda when relating with others, but in all honesty, I didn’t think people always have an agenda. I thought that once you establish a certain level of friendship with people that is reciprocated, it stops being about an agenda – a negative agenda that is. I thought that people genuinely care about those in their life, and want what’s best for them.

It turns out I was wrong!

And that is the predicament I am currently in. Of late (or may be this has been going for a while and I simply didn’t notice), people seem to always complain about visitors. And for me, that leaves me confused. Do these people visit without communicating? Are they visiting for longer than was agreed upon? Are people inviting others over and pretending that they didn’t know about the visit?

I strongly believe that having an agenda is not the problem, it is having an evil one that is. I am all about quality of life, and one of the ways to improve your quality of life is through reinforcing the positivity in your life. If you are always bitter and conniving, and you have so much physical wealth, you are not rich. Yes, I realize that it is close to impossible to believe that until you experience it but best believe that it is true.

And so the real question tonight (LOL, at people reading this not at night) ladies and gentlemen is why are you doing what you are doing? Why are your friends your friends? Is it so you can get access to information that you can use during your gossiping sessions? Is it so you can feel good about yourself because you think they are beneath you? Why did you take that job? Why are you looking for a job? Why do you want to get married? Why do you want to have children? Why did you decide not to attend Diplo? (LOL, JK. That has nothing to do with this).

On my path to revelation (LOL), I have discovered that everyone one of us has an agenda, but not many know that they do. As such, there is a chance that your agenda is toxic to your livelihood. Unrelated, does anyone know how I, as a youth, can get my hands on those Youth Livelihood Funds?

If you are wondering how the reasons for your actions are affecting your life, here is some food for thought;

  1. Source of happiness: If seeing someone dragged on the timeline or any pain or sadness in someone’s life makes you happy, then you need to look into why other people’s misery makes you happy. Your source of happiness is related to your source of sadness/anger/hatred/jealousy, therefore if other people’s prosperity makes you sad/angry/jealous, you need to dig deep and find out why this is the case.
  2. Frequency of bad mouthing/back biting: Although the real question should be why you are bad mouthing/back biting someone, because no one is infallible, I think the important factor is how often you do this. Why do you feel the compulsion to speak ill about someone or talk about them behind their back? What is it about that that makes you feel good?
  3. Do you know your agenda?: I could be wrong, but many times, people have an agenda. If you don’t know what your agenda is in aspects of your life, there is a chance that you are in denial because your subconscious knows that it is a negative agenda. Make a conscious decision to become aware of your agendas in the various aspects of your life, and you will be shocked by what you find. And just in case it is not clear, choose to have a positive agenda in everything that you do.

I don’t what is going on in your life that might have convinced that you have no choice but be bane of someone’s existence, but whatever it is, remember that you always have a choice. It is only in a world with rainbows and unicorns where everyone will have a positive agenda, but I think if you plan on living a negatively agendad, the least you can do is let us know so that we can stay the hell away from you.


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