#UgBlogWeek – Day 5: An Open Letter to *insert habit/hobby* Tappers

The economy is tight. This is a fact. If the economy is not tight on your end, kindly become my friend. I am funny, a good sport and really if it’s a chance for the economy not to be tight for me, I can be whatever you want me to be.

I didn’t realize how tight the economy was until I got word that Kasese (local crude alcohol) is not as concentrated as it used it be. One thousand shillings worth of Kasese used to be able to knock one out on a Friday and still have hangover effects on Monday but apparently that is no longer the case. If the economy has touched the quality of Kasese, believe me when I say the economy is tight.

There are people however who go around pretending that they don’t know that. Dear movies/series/Shisha/you name it tappers, those that spend money on what they would like to enjoy are not doing it for the fun of it, they are sacrificing their little income to try and find some happiness in this life. Don’t deprive them of that. Return that movie/series that you borrowed, the owner might need to re-watch it in the near future when they can’t afford to get something new. Don’t tap someone’s Shisha and go ahead to even monopolize the thingy because that is someone’s happiness that you are messing with.

It’s TGIF (Yaaaaaaaaaay), but how’s about we try to let people enjoy their happiness in peace. If you need it, then maybe you should be willing to spend on it.

Don’t be that guy, the one that is always tapping people’s ****.


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