#UgBlogWeek – Day 1: Criticism Vs. Trash Talking

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  1. Ugbloc says:

    Where is the line between constructive criticism about someone/something and defamation of their character aka trash talking? If there is a line, who gets to decide it, and who gave them the power?


  2. Gilbert Opondo says:

    I did start a business because of frustration with a product I had in my hands. I was fed up of the synthetic leather steering wheel covers on the market. They peel off due to wear and tear. But worse still, my hands would get sweaty and become a mess if I drove on a hot day. So I made steering wheel covers from African fabrics.

    It’s been hard starting the business. I’ve received both positive and negative criticism but I look forward more to the negative criticism. It’s the latter that shows how and where you can do better. The former is nothing more than a stroke of egos.

  3. Pearl says:

    That’s amazing. All the best with your business.

  4. Legit points, Pearl. I must admit, when I saw the title, I thought the post would be about the Sunday TL.
    Pleasant surprise!
    I fear that in most instances! To be labeled a trash talked so I do not give any criticism what-so-ever if I do not know you or you haven’t asked for it. If you act like you know it all, then nada – i’ll just flee from you!

  5. I think the difference is simple. If you feedback is directed to the brand / company and the feedback benefits them, then that is constructive criticism. If the feedback is not directed at the brand / company and you have no intention of the brand benefiting from your feedback but rather are just stinging them with no suggestions on how to better their product / service then quite naturally, that is just trash talk. Trash talk does not see to improve but rather to put down while constructive criticism does not seek to put down but rather to improve.

    • Pearl says:

      I agree, however sometimes someone might not know what they want but know what they don’t want. I don’t know if that makes sense. I think it’s important not scare people into holding back feedback. That’s a dangerous position for any brand to be in.

  1. November 21, 2016

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