Seeing The Conversation Through

One of my sisters works with an Insurance company. If anyone was born to sell, it’s Elena. I bet her workmates don’t like her too much for all the times she has been employee of the month. Although she’s a delight so she’s not easy to not like. Family events had enough problems before we got our own personal insurance seller. They have now become hide and seek affairs, because you don’t want to be cornered by the sister.

But she raises a good point, with that power point presentation she has in her brain.

Insurance is one of those things, you don’t think you need it until you need it, and by then it’s too late. And most people have come to understand that, and have got insured. But that’s just one piece of the puzzle. It doesn’t help to have the cover for treatment without the necessary facilities to cover you if and when you fall sick.

What happens when you go for a screening, and find out that you have breast cancer? Or go for a checkup and find out that you have some other cancer? For a second, imagine what happens to people that stay in areas that don’t have good medical facilities. What do they do when they fall sick?

Who is in charge of making sure that health centres are up to standard, and what is the way forward should a concerned citizen notice that they are not? Are the health centre standards accessible by the general public? Is it a viable plan for citizens to set up health facilities on their own, the same way there are initiatives to clean communities or marathons for a cause?

Starting the conversation is one thing, another piece of the puzzle, but seeing that conversation to the next level, the level of action, is an important piece of the puzzle. And that’s a piece that needs to be addressed. It’s not enough to make hashtags trend and make the most noise on social media. At least it’s not enough if nothing changes. Seeing the conversation through is a good start to creating change.

Compromise is a necessary evil, but there are things that we should not think twice about. Our health is one of those things.


Image Source – @kreativadikt

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