An Open Letter to Media Houses in Uganda – I

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4 Responses

  1. Nev says:

    You have quite some questions here! Interesting point though is “Also, I am no expert on brands, but I think having one presenter doing many programmes might compromise a brand’s ability to ever be a love mark if they are competing with personality love.”

    On the Lewis business, sports is a different matter altogether but you have a point. When Top Gear’s famed presenters moved, Top Gear has never been the same. Same thing happened to Jam Agenda when Nana and Colin left. Same thing for Showtime when Karitas left.

    Anyway, I hope your letter receives a reply.

  2. I think Brian represents a breed of employees that are open to try new opportunities. A do anything attitude and flexible character will do at lot to boost one’s profile in a company. If you remain comfortable in what you were paid to do and not willing to make the bosses coffee, then your usefulness to the company maybe will be limited to your position. We all know how far those who go out to impress reach..

    In the meantime, ask Mr Patrick Mukasa if he can host Login.

  3. Angela says:

    I’d seen the promo of The Timeline making rounds on my TL. Had never clicked on it ’cause truthfully, idk why I need to be told what’s happening if I already do spend my time on social media. But maybe I’m not the target market? When you mentioned Mulondo being presenter, even I was like, him again? Wow. Does he have to do every show? Hmm. Very valid points raised. And I agree, he’s too old for this. Why can’t NTV hire some fresh blood out of university and put them on-screen if they’re good for the job? Why are young TV presenters only relegated to music shows, especially since those never even hire personalities that went through formal media training?

    (Sidebar: The title was misleading though, this was more of an open letter to NTV haha)

  4. Kakoma says:

    Writing letters back then was indeed quite a ceremony; some bits were fun, others, not so much. The wait for a response was particularly not fun

    I agree with Angela on this being a letter to NTV…:-)

    Maybe the discussion on whether Brian’s the best possible host should be separated from the nation’s unemployment challenges. If he’s not the best (which is very subjective), let someone else do it. If he is, by all means, let him do it. Contributing to solving unemployment needs a bit more concerted work from a number of stakeholders

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