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Rules are great necessary. I might seem like the non-loving rules type but nope, I am on hashtag Team Rules. If you have rules in place, you know what to expect and for me that’s always a win.

Have you ever ended a relationship, and six months down the road a hi-hi friend bumps into you and asks about your SO who is no longer your SO because he/she thinks that that is still your SO? And depending on your relationship with said person, and how often you see them, you might or might not tell baby lies.

Is there protocol on how to communicate to anyone that might ever ask about your now ex, short of calling a press conference or tweeting which probably both fall under the bracket of hashtag Petty Twitter? On a serious note, how do y’all get everyone to know that you have ended a relationship, without the drama bit? Because I am pretty sure there are people that think I am cheating on my ex-boyfriend (broke up about two years ago) with my current SO.

Then again if there’s one thing I have learnt about relationships, is that they live to make Murphy happy. And that’s okay, because it might not affect a lot of people.

What I am really curious about is how employers deal with the leaving of an employee, whether by voluntary quitting or firing. It might seem obvious that since an employer has reached the point of firing someone, that they might inform all necessary parties, but you’d be fooled. I know more people than can fit on my fingers that have left a job and still received phone calls from clients at the former workplace because they are unaware that the person left that job.

The real question here is, do employers expect the former employee to break the news of their leaving to a client? Are there any rules that should be followed by the leaving of an employee? My thinking is that if an employer can ensure that an employee that is leaving hands in their identity card and insurance card, the least they can do is communicate to the client that the employee will be leaving in a few days/weeks.

I think the client might appreciate that, and generally it makes the employer look a bit organized if the communication comes from them.

Do you have any stories related to this? Kindly share, I’d like to know the general happenings of letting go of employees of Uganda.


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A Survivor’s Guide: On Relationships

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  1. Brian says:

    I would love to think that that is one of the reasons as to why we have a handover notes. To your teammates and also to client.
    Nze I believe if you have been dealing with the client directly, it is also your responsibility to introduce the person who will be taking over from you.
    But then again, nze ngyasama bwasami.

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