Are there people that are good at break ups? Because people always say, “I’m not good at break ups”, which implies that there are people that are good at it.

One second it seems like your entire existence revolves around this person, the next you simply can’t stand the thought of them breathing.

And you want out.

There is no formula as to how people fall out of love/lust/you name it. For some, it happens overnight and for others it takes decades. But once you get to that point, all you want to do is be free of that person.

There is, again, no formula as to how people break up. There’s the ‘we need to talk’, a text, letting it Peter out, moving to a different continent, among others.

Imagine you had to give a 2 week/month/3 months/6 months/1-year notice before breaking up with someone! Depending on the type of relationship, and how long you had been together. I’m sure there would be a calculator app for this.

During the time of notice, you would continue to act as you had been in the relationship, and only after the duration of the notice would you be single. I am guessing giving some pointers to your replacement about what the person loves/hates might be somewhere in the terms and conditions. You know, for a smooth transition.

It’s impressive. The fact that you can get out of a relationship in a heart beat, but can’t literally pack a box of your belongings and leave a job. Well most jobs any way. That’s really impressive.

I don’t want to pit jobs against relationships, or vice versa, but I’d like to believe that relationships should be as important as jobs. May be having a break up notice period might help someone think twice before getting into a relationship that they might not be able to get out of instantly. May be the notice period would help many couples work out their differences and might reduce the devastating number of broken families. May be there is something there that is worth exploring.

I mean, most job contracts have a quitting notice period so there must be something there that’s working.

Then again, it takes employer-kind-of-balls to make someone stay in their service for a certain period, even after they made it perfectly clear that they don’t want to be with you anymore.

Is it a power thing?

Because we have all seen people that are serving notice. It’s painful to watch really. Just counting down the days and wishing the time to fly by.

Do employers not notice? Or is it their way of trying to keep control?

I am curious. Because if I ever become an employer, I won’t enforce a notice period. If you don’t want me, I sure as hell don’t want you too.

Boy Bye.

But I am happy to learn if anyone has any insights into notice periods.



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  1. rr says:

    thats what i was thinking. it sounds nice. i was looking for someone who actually tried that, thats how i got here.
    At work, they usually fire me and ask me to stay home, so, arguably, notice does not really work that well for work, in practice – as far as feelings go. a break up is pretty much the same: we are done but we can still help each other out in a friendly way.
    IDK really, in the end its traumatic, waiting for a trauma to happen, or hanging out around the perpetrator, IDK.i can see issues. Worth exploring.

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