A Survivor’s Guide: How to not quit your job.

Bouncing back into the week after a weekend (especially a turnt one) is one of those things that doesn’t get easier with time or and practice. One of the few things that beat that level of difficulty is having to get back into the week after a public holiday, especially one whose date is not a constant. It is during moments like that that one thinks really hard on the relevance of having a job, and whether indeed business wouldn’t go on as usual if they were a no show.

The obvious reaction for normal people is to simply not go to work on that day, but for extremists the idea of quitting one’s job begins to linger. So whatever you do, you need to ignore and even throw out such thoughts.

Contrary to popular belief, not quitting your job is not as easy as it seems – and here’s some help to guide you in not quitting;

  1. You need to have a job: It might seem like common sense, but we all know that common sense is not always common. You need to have a job in order to not quit it.
  2. You need the money: If you attended Cocktails in the Wild last weekend, and plan to attend Blankets & Wine which is happening this weekend, it is not advisable to walk away from an income generating source. In fact, at this juncture, you should be looking for more sources of income. If you are in the not-so-starting 500K salary bracket, don’t even think about it because you are lucky to have one, and should be glad to be part of such a fair system. Money is money, no matter what.
  3. Business cards are cool: Honestly, this is probably one of the reasons that made me want to get a job ‘when I grew up’. I still love them to date.
  4. You need the purpose: People say that having a job (whether you are not too happy about it doesn’t matter) gives you purpose. A reason to wake every day or some stuff like that, and I guess if they say it then it has to be right.
  5. Experience is important: It’d be a shame if what stood between you and your dream job was more experience, so just hang in there and pile them years on your CV for that rainy day. It doesn’t matter if you can barely get by as you wait for said job, all you have to do is wait your turn (and hope that it will come in your lifetime).
  6. If you; a) Get another job: It will take you back to newbie status, and you will have to learn a whole new system which is probably more pain that it is worth since that job might turn out to be exactly like the previous job. b) Choose to stay home and figure it out: You’ll be home A LOT of the time, which you are not used to so you’ll get bored and begin cleaning and washing in your free time (which you’ll have a lot of) like weird people. Scary? I know.
  7. You will not have a job: Obvious as it may seem, it will only hit you that you have quit your job after you quit your job and there are realities that you are probably better off without. Depending on the level of dramatic person you are, there will be some sort of drama.

Whatever you do, just stay employed.


Although if you are the kind of person that would quit your job because you can’t balance your weekends/public holidays with the week, then I’d probably advise your employer to let you go. But that’s just me.


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