Event Review: Cocktails in the wild

This has been one of the longest weeks of my life, although in retrospect, I do say that about many weeks of my life. It went on forever – Sugar Bear is sick, I am making serious changes in my life that sort of mostly have me freaking out all the time and almost didn’t have an outfit for an event I had over the weekend. Which is why I am only getting to this over a week later.

I was probably able to make it through the madness because of the amazing time that I had at Cocktails in the Wild, and the fact that I let my hair down and felt the fresh air.

There’s nothing funnier than trying to share an experience, and knowing that you won’t do it justice because you can’t fully put in words, how it made you feel. From more than comfortable bus seats, to great company to organizers that knew what they were doing to deejays who didn’t stop playing your favorite songs that sleep had to be ignored till the wee hours of the morning, to dancing around bonfires to waking up to beautiful views, views that you’d kill for to marveling at hippos…

The highlight of the adventure was the hippos. I had never seen them before so I was amused, and scared and fascinated and overwhelmed all at once. When you are in a boat in a water body that has hippos, and the guide says reassuringly that hippos are herbivorous but can kill human beings, the last thing you think about feeling is reassured. I think they should scrap that off their notes. It wasn’t just a boat ride.


There was an option for a game drive which I had been excited about until the last minute, because I have watched those kinds of movies. I know how they end. May be next time.

I knew a number of people before I set out for this adventure, but by the time the weekend was done, I knew three times more. If you are worried about not knowing anyone, and as such stay away from such trips you need not worry anymore. It’s like everyone carries their ‘make friends’ outfit. You will be most surprised.

It was my second camping experience, and it totally made up for all the negative energy the first one had accrued. As long as you make sure to carry comfortable and warm beddings, you might not even notice that you are sleeping under the skies.


I love bonfires as much as the next person. I always find myself gravitating to them, and for someone like myself who is easily affected by the weather, they came in handy while I was busting a whine at obscene hours.

What really touched me deep deep down, in my heart was how accommodating the adventure was. Because of my full time job, I am not usually able to attend such events since they usually happen during the week and getting a leave form signed might as well be the eighth wonder. My wallet remained in sane condition to carry me through what’s left of the month which for me is a plain miracle.

The best news is that RoundBob is going to continue arranging exciting adventures, and I don’t plan to miss out on any of them. When you find a deal as good as this, you don’t ask questions, you simply get in formation.

To living, and living wild!


Photo Cred: The Wildings.

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  1. Joel Jemba says:

    Second camping experience? Hmm interesting, I think I know and I was there at your first one. . . But anyway I can’t be so sure, can I? Awesome adventure you had and it’s a plus you made more friends. All the tips from the piece are jotted down. Thanks for writing/sharing even in your longest weeks.

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