A Traveler’s Guide: What to pack

There’s something about Tuesdays. They mean that you survived Monday and that you are closer to the weekend. I don’t know about you, but in my books that right there is good news.

Only a few things can turn such good news into great news, and Cocktails in the Wild is on that list. By now you have probably made your payment, or are clearing the last instalment. As the reality of how awesome your weekend is going to be sets in, it’s easy to get lost in the excitement which shouldn’t be a bad thing unless it’s the reason you end up using sticks from the nearby bush to brush your teeth on Sunday morning. Preparation is key, although in this era everything might as well be.

I am one of those people that always seems to forget the most necessary things when I go on trips, so I have to use a check list. Begging for a scarf when you are in the middle of nowhere is understandable when you are younger, however as this aging thing insists on going on and on, it is in my best interests that I act like the organized individual that I am supposed to be by now.

Presenting the checklist;

  1. A back pack: This might seem obvious on account that you need it to pack your belongings in, however some people might think a suitcase might do just as well. And they’d be wrong. A back pack is best suited as it is easier to manage, and it being a one-night affair means that it has adequate space for everything you need to carry.
  2. Sweaters, jackets, scarfs, stockings, and everything warm: Ugandan weather is very unpredictable, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t put your friendships to test by not carrying warm clothing and expecting someone to sacrifice theirs.
  3. Comfortable shoes: The thing about travelling, stops are unavoidable and it’s easier to get that great Instagram shot if you are not worried about your sandal strap snapping or your heels digging into the ground. Also I think it’d be wise in case the animals in the park decide to put your running skills to test, just saying. A spare pair of shoes would be advisable as well, in case said animals have you running through grass, puddles of water, mud or the like.
  4. Toothbrush and toothpaste (or salt): Hygiene is key (LOL, what isn’t?), and this should go without saying but for purposes of the checklist I’ll include it.
  5. Samona (or its equivalent): Don’t be the person that’s always looking ashy. How will people see the star in you if you can’t even kweesiga bizigo? Well even if there isn’t a star in you, just malage’siiga.
  6. Beddings: Camping arrangements vary, but for purposes of always being prepared carrying a pair of beddings would be advisable.
  7. Clothes: In case you’re not too into the whole walking-around-naked thing.
  8. Phone, power bank and charger: If you plan on keeping your followers up to speed with your awesome life, your phone will have to be powered at all times. Also staying in touch with your SO or bestie if that’s your cup of tea.
  9. Camera: If you own one, you should carry it because you are guaranteed some great shots.
  10. Wallet/purse with identification and emergency money.
  11. Turn up mode: Well, you can’t really put this in the back pack but attending Cocktails in the Wild without a turn up mode/mindset would defeat the purpose.

P.S: It is advisable to pack a few days before the trip, and not on the morning of the trip.


With that in hand, you should be ready (and excited) to have a great weekend. Now if only the week would be in class and fly by.



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