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I hate leave days. They are a constant stress factor in my life. I am always torn between using my leave days or saving them for a rainy day. As far as I am concerned, there is NEVER a right time to use them. Which then defeats their purpose I know, but just ‘cause it makes sense doesn’t mean that it makes sense.

It’s a cycle that never ends – me trying to keep my leave days for when I need them, and me thinking I need them at that moment. I have almost made peace with the madness.

Mostly when I fill out a leave form, I hope it doesn’t get approved. And more often than not it is approved. Which is why I find myself almost half way into the year with barely any leave days left. It’s sad, and maybe I’ll do better next year but that’s no cue to sulk, throw tantrums or damn myself to the same routine every day. I am almost sure our fore fathers did not have leave days, but still found the time to have amazing lives if the stories told over time are anything to go by.

This is not one of those motivational/inspirational stories that don’t go anywhere or help anyone. I refuse to believe that I am the only one that runs out of leave days this early in the year, or for those that need the days later in the year (which is really the same problem) but would still like to be a part of having fun and living a good life altogether.

And that’s where RoundBob comes in.  He knows that you don’t have leave days or can’t afford to use them every so often, that you love new experiences, that you love spending time with your friends, and you can’t handle the hassle involved in organizing trips and or events.

And he got you covered in only four words – Cocktails in the Wild.

Since we all get a weekend, and love doing something worth writing home about with it, he is throwing a wild party. Literally, a party in the wild – at Lake Mburo National Park. At only 250K (locals) and 340K (Internationals) ezaaUganda, that covers transport, accommodation, activities like game drive, boat cruise, nature walk and horseback riding, food and drinks among others. And that’s not all, you get to visit one of the savanna parks in Uganda, party outdoors with your friends, give in to the adventurer in you and basically have a great weekend.

If that’s something that’s right up your alley, get in touch with RoundBob to book your spot(s). The date is 2nd July till 3rd July, mark your calendar and prepare for a great adventure.

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To travel is to live – Hans Christian Andersen

Happy Living


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