To A Great Week

You ever had one of those weekends, where you are surrounded by the people you love – having fun, not doing anything in particular, and yet thinking “I should have weekends like this more often”? I have been having such weekends A LOT, and no I am not complaining. Simply stating facts.

May be it’s my pessimist nature that makes me think the way I do, but as much as such weekends are great, they make the week much more harder to handle. It doesn’t help that Monday is the first order of business what with its legendary blues, and paperwork of all sorts that comes with it. It’s not easy.

But like every cloud, this one as a silver lining as well. We are in the dot com era, and everything can be delivered at our doorstep (or Ku Ka Fene as is the case for most of our residences). Sometimes the ‘shipping’ costs make us think about how important the product is and whether we REALLY need it, which are decisions we need to make for one reason or another. However, that’s not something you have to worry about with HelloFood with delivery fees are as low as UGX 1,000. Simply log onto the website and enjoy one of the most affordable meals you might in a lifetime.


Also the UgBlogWeek begins tomorrow. Freedom of Expression is the theme that won the vote, and anyone that always looks forward to and out for the blogs is in for a big treat. I won’t lie, I don’t look forward to this week for only the blogs – there is always commentary that comes with it in form of constructive criticism, hating and something in between.

Kylie’s podcast should be expected sometime during Monday, so that’s something to look forward to as well.

If that’s not enough mojo for you to look forward to the week, then you simply need to watch the latest movie from the X-Men franchise. I hate to admit it, but Marvel doesn’t usually make you regret spending your money. If you are a cheap skate, you can watch the movie at half price – at Century Cinemax on Mondays or at Cinema Magic Naalya on Wednesday. Cinema Magic also has the 2-4-1 special Thursdays if you have a plus one, just be sure to book your tickets ahead of time if getting good seats is your thang. Otherwise it is showing in cinemas now.

All I am saying is that the week shouldn’t break you. Well it won’t break you if you don’t let it. When it’s all said and done, a great weekend means naught if the week happens and makes it seem like a distant memory.




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