4 things to keep in mind this Kampala Restaurant Week.

4 things to keep in mind this Kampala Restaurant Week.

It’s the end of month, and mostly people look forward to this week because of the salary payment that comes with it. If you are in that category, Wooho to you. If you were paid earlier, my hope is that you still have enough money to take you through the month that hasn’t even began, and if you haven’t yet been paid, hang in there.

The planners of the Kampala Restaurant Week sure thought it through, because it is around the corner (literally) just in time for those big bucks. And it’s easy to get caught up in the madness (which is really all this life is about), and spend all your money in a week (which is actually ten days according to the people at The Pearl Guide). It’s almost tempting to ignore all logic and spend big – as though it is your calling to eat every meal, at every restaurant participating in the Kampala Restaurant Week. It’s almost impossible to imagine that you might be just fine if you accept that you can’t afford to participate in the eatage and still breathe as normally as you are at this moment.

Normally I’d make a speech about greatness. Or the search for greatness and whether indeed you might recognize greatness if it was staring you in the face, if you were so determined to find greatness. And conclude with whether there is such a thing as greatness in the first place, and notice the fact that I ended up confusing myself (as always), and that really this had nothing to do with food or restaurants or weeks for that matter but I’ll just get into it;

  1. The restaurants are NOT going anywhere: The restaurants participating in the Kampala Restaurant Week are restaurants with high standing, which implies that there is a very small chance that they will close soon, or before you get a chance to have a meal there. What this means is that you don’t need to spend all your money trying to go to all of them as though you are working on a clock. Plan how much you intend to spend, and only after that should you decide what places you’d like to go to that fit in your budget. Make sure that you will be able to genuinely smile after the shindig, and not suffer hunger situations that could have been avoided.
  2. You don’t only live once, not really: There is no need to try and fix all your life’s expectations on one week, because you have been living before and will continue to do so. Unless there is a place that you MUST go to come rain or shine, you shouldn’t succumb to the pressure to go the restaurant(s) during the restaurant week. The sun will rise and then it will set, regardless of your decision so breathe.
  3. Eat within your limits: Eat in such a way that you can afford to eat for the rest of the month. It’d be nice not to resent a week for the rest of the month because of a decision that you made without gun-point coercion. You might also consider using the money that you borrowed intending to spend during the restaurant week for something else, or return it to the lender lest you end up on pages of angry people should you fail to repay within the agreed time. Unless you’re sure it’s worth it.
  4. Make memories: There is no point to enjoying life alone, because then you won’t have anyone to reminisce with. Call up that friend you’ve been meaning to since the year began, take ko babe out (hi babe 🙂 ) or whoever it is but whatever you do, enjoy with someone you care about. Whoever you decide to spend the week with, don’t forget to snap and leave evidence on the gram because if THEY don’t know then it never happened. LOL.

If you not able to attend the restaurant week, you can order from most of the restaurants on HelloFood.

May the week bring happiness into your life, without leaving your wallet failing to do the Math.

Happy Eating.




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