Live a little

There’s that saying about making time for what’s important to you, and that’s all well and good. However, the reality is that we find ourselves working ridiculous hours a week (for very little pay), or worse spending many hours a week trying to find a job decent or otherwise. Whatever time we are left with is split between sleeping, turning up, trying to eat healthy, planning to go to the gym, keeping up with the hot topic on social media and not trying not offend people on the different social media platforms. Because we all know too well that even posting a full stop might offend someone. There’s really NO winning.

Even knowing that and probably going through the same experience, our family and friends still expect to see us pretty much all the time, and do not take kindly to being behind the scenes.

That’s where Tokosa Food Festival, happening this Sunday at Legends Sports Ground, comes in. And here’s why you should attend;


  1. The gate charge is a reasonable fee of only ten thousand Uganda shillings.
  2. There will be lots of food – lots of varieties of food at affordable prices. I don’t why anyone needs convincing after hearing about the food.
  3. There’s no need for you to go through the stress of organizing an event from scratch in order for you to get together with your family and friends, and have a lovely time. All you have to do is be at Legends on 24th April 2016.
  4. You can ‘kill two birds with stone’. Instead of going through the hassle of meeting friends and family one at a time, and knowing that the year might end before you can make time for every one of them, you can invite them all at once and not be the cousin/friend that always has an excuse up her sleeve.
  5. Who doesn’t love a good outdoorsy event? Fingers crossed, the sun will be out and you can show off those dresses/skirts/shorts because why else did you buy them if not to show them off and in turn let them show you off?
  6. There’s a lot of Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter material. For those that sometimes wonder why they even bother updating apps that they barely use, this is an opportunity to make sure that the data you used for upgrading that app didn’t go to waste.
  7. For a chance to bump into OG/OBs that you don’t remember even though they remember both your names (and whether you had an initial in between), because what would life be without some awkwardness?

At the end of the day, it would be a shame to get caught up in the madness of life and forget to live a little. That’s reason we are on this earth after all.

Seize the moment
Do you?

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