Slavery 2.0


I hated history, the subject. There was always a war that happened over a number of years – and the timeline format of events didn’t help. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s like every war had to happen in two’s or more. Of course the learning system allowed for topical tests, because when it rains it pours. Needless to say, I excelled at not excelling in History.

I won’t bore you with the details (mostly because I do NOT know the details), but back in the day there was A LOT of slavery going on. Our forefathers fought the good fight and alas, there was freedom. Or at least the captors led us to believe.

Centuries/decades later, we enjoy luxuries that our forefathers never dreamt of.

Don’t let that fool you though, the 21st century has traces of slavery – it has simply been upgraded. The kind of upgrades that the apps on the smartphones we can’t seem to live without insist on.

Today, many people are being held in the captivity that is employment. The key weapon in this war is a phrase I cringe at every time I hear it, “I am building my CV”.

Employees have been convinced into believing that they need to take shit (forgive my French), if they are to make it in life. Anyone who sees through this bullshit is labeled entitled, and not willing to put in the time.

Here’s the reality.

Kate wakes up at 0500hrs, takes a freezing shower because her Yaka is already at the beeping level. She has never been a risk taker, and she is NOT about to begin now. She does however miss the feel of warm water against her back. Something about showering warm water that makes one feel truly clean, almost like washing away whatever might stand in the way of greatness. Because surely why would one take a shower, if not in preparation for greatness? Cold showers on the other hand are technical. It’s simply something that one does because one must. You don’t enjoy it, you don’t look forward to it and you most certainly don’t do it longer than necessary.

In. And out.

In order to be at her desk by 0730hrs, she has to be out of her one roomed apartment by 0600hrs. 0615hrs on a good day. Anything after that, and she WILL be late. As an entry level employee, you’d rather show up to work naked than be late.

Sitting through at least one hour of traffic jam every morning, Kate can’t help but wonder about the people in cars. About whether she will ever drive a car let alone own one.

The mornings are long, but afternoons are the worst. The aromas during lunch hour remind her that having water for lunch doesn’t cut it, so every action after that is in a bid to create distractions from the grumbling of her stomach.

She loves what she does, and that’s all that matters – or so they say.

She has to be one of the first and last people to leave office, in case something comes up and she is needed. That would be the perfect opportunity for her to prove her worth, and catch the break that she has been waiting for. Granted it is scary to doze off in a taxi, you might end up a million stages away from your home, but it’s a small price to pay for greatness.

That’s pretty much what Kate’s life was supposed to be like for a year, until her probation period ended.

Kate is making four years at her job in May. She is yet to see that salary raise that was promised upon permanent employment – it doesn’t help that there is no such thing as “salary week” for her. The dollar went in all directions against the shilling, the company promised things would get better soon. It became a routine – she checks her account, and if there is money she thanks the Lord. If there isn’t she thanks the Lord, and hopes.

At this point, it looks like she just might be willing to sell her soul just to get to the point where her CV is “built”. After all those years though, she’s not that sure she still has a soul. It feels like they took everything, and gave her nothing in return.

I am curious, how long does it take to build one’s CV (whatever that means)?



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