#UgBlogWeek Day 7 – Habit

The president of Uganda was announced a few hours ago. I think people have moved on. There is no excitement or disappointment in the streets. With the exception of the twitter streets and that’s expected.

It already seems like something of the past, almost like a fashion trend or fad. May be not like skinny jeans because those seem like they are here to stay but akin to color blocking or something like that. They did it then they moved on.

Just because I accept that most people have moved on – as though they didn’t spend hours in queues under the scorching sun, or spend loads of data using VPN to protect their vote and ensure that the elections were free and fair doesn’t mean that it doesn’t leave a sour taste in my mouth.

This is NOTHING new though. Human beings are creatures of habit therefore this was expected.

It’s like when you get your “dream” job, and 6 months down the road you have to count backwards from ten thousand every time you wake up and remember that you have to go to work. It was great until you got it. After that all you can think about is the bad things. How that salary increment hasn’t yet become a reality, how your dental and optical insurance is only at a few hospitals, how those reports seem to only become more. It never ends.

I only have one question, what was the point of it all? What was point of working hard and spending sleepless nights only to build your CV so that you could become worthy of your “dream” job? What was the point of looking for change if you didn’t plan to do anything about having results that have no change?

All that might have been avoided if people didn’t set their eyes on certain things, if not most things. You only live once and there’s no point to your life if you spend it in search of that “dream” job.

I am tired. Now is NOT the time to be pondering about questions that might never get answers. I will focus my energies on one question – is Monday a public holiday?

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  1. Yes! I also want to know! Is Monday a holiday or nat?!

  2. It was a game, a time wasting game… but I need these socks… I am so cold right now Romania is eh.

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