#UgBlogWeek Day 4 – Love and Erections

In O level, I studied English and English in Literature – as different subjects. Never mind that the teachers were the same though cleverly crisscrossed. I think that’s what people in this era might call a DJ Khaled “Congratulations, you just played yourself” moment.

I loved English lessons because Ms. Nanyunja usually gave a spelling exercise which always had fancy edible prizes to be won. Let’s just say she’s probably the reason I am fat today.

I also loved the English in Literature lessons because there were moments to shine when it was my turn to read a chapter from the book we were studying and it was always amusing to watch people trying to pronounce words like Champagne.

Somewhere in those lessons, I learnt about similes (don’t judge my primary school, I just don’t remember whether they taught it. Probably something to do with eating beans with so many weevils for very many years).

Sue first had sex a year after she left University, at around 22 years of age. To date, she still holds that “record” among those she knows.

She didn’t love the guy but she liked hanging out with him. Every time they were together he’d ask to have sex with her, and every time she’d tell him that she wasn’t ready.

After a while, she got tired of refusing. How bad could it be if almost everyone was doing it?

Pam, Sue’s best friend always shared in detail every sexual encounter that she had. This meant Sue had to listen to monologues, in vivid detail, about sex at least twice a week. Pam was one of those people who was always in a relationship. If she ended one in the morning, she’d be in another by brunch time.

Sue didn’t even think Pam really enjoyed having sex, not as much as she made it seem anyway.

Pam was the reason Sue eventually had sex. She’d sat her down one day and told her that no one would want to stay with her forever if she wasn’t giving it up. One of their friends, May, had recently been dumped because she had become born again and decided be celibate.

Pam was very stern with Sue that unless she wanted to die alone, she had to get on board with having sex. She might have put up a fight but Pam knew what she was talking about, at least about this.

Is it possible to have a successful relationship with someone without having sex with them? Of course someone will ask what amounts as a successful relationship for which I have no answer.

The assumption here is of course that people in relationships love themselves.

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