#UgBlogWeek Day 2 – Face. Palm


The group screamed at the top of their lungs as Sarah walked into the restaurant. Meredith, who she gathered was tasked with getting her to the venue without revealing the secret, was right behind her.

It was her birthday which she knew by the way, so for her loved ones to assume that she didn’t think they’d throw a party for her was ridiculous. Now she was tasked with looking surprised. Yaaaawn.

Meredith was pregnant so in a few months she’d be the one on the receiving end of that “surprise”. And Sarah would probably be the one tasked with getting her to the venue.

The deejay was obviously in the loop because the “happy birthday” tune played as soon as the screams went down.

What is the relationship between people that love us and surprise parties to celebrate important/big days in our lives? I really want to know.

In my very humble opinion it hardly matters, I don’t think that surprise parties are necessary. I have done a pro – con analysis and I can’t understand how they are still in existence.

For starters, surprise parties NEVER have people that the surprisee would normally invite for a party/hang out with normally. Wait is that the point? If yes, then good job.

The effort that goes into secretly arranging a party that people can’t tell others about freely is simply outrageous to say the least. Because it is a secret, the party has to be low key which defeats the paaaaare status that a party should have.

The time spent in getting the nyini parte to the venue is too much hard work. They somehow have those involved spinning the most unbelievable tales.

Is a party any less if the birthday/baby shower/ bridal shower person is involved? Aren’t people tired of screaming “Suuuuuuurpriiiiise”? Aren’t surprise parties tired? Isn’t it more effective to ask the person what/who/where/when they want to celebrate their do and with whom?

Some times all a person wants for their celebration is 6 cakes and a pair of Tomy Takkies but you’re too busy screaming to notice that.

At the end of the day, the celebration is about that person. If you take the time and find out, you might realise that “Suuuuuurprise” shouted at high volumes is not their version of a celebration.

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  1. Eh! Sister friend, we shall open for you a tab at the place so you just go in an pick your Takkies every year…

    PS: I shall take these nice socks for my cute little Takkies.

  2. nevender says:

    “pro – con analysis” But Pearl, half of your articles are …you know what, never mind…lol. I like the recalcitrant in you.

  1. February 16, 2016

    […] #UGBLOGWEEK DAY 2 – FACE. PALM […]

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