Heads or Tails?

Holidays are amazing, even if you end up spending them in your humble abode in Kiwatule yet your New Year resolutions were very clear that the final trip of the year would be Zanzibar. Plans are funny like that, but like economies you adjust for inflation (and other things) and make it work.

Because the mind is a beautiful being on its own, it knows holiday season when it sees it and adjusts the dreams accordingly to suit your needs so things along the lines of beaches, parties, people waiting on you and the like (apart from the occasional nightmare when someone shares, in grave detail their encounter of being robbed. The mind is only human after all) so when you hear an insistent buzzing only to discover that it is a phone call, the frown that befalls your face looks like it was waiting for its moment.

Checking the time as you make the decision whether to pick up or not, and discovering that it is not yet midday then turns the said frown into anger because surely Jesus did not die for this. Since all rational thought goes on leave when the holidays begin, you can’t help wonder what might cause someone whom you know to share the holiday sentiments with to call you at such a time. Thoughts like that have you swiping to answer the call before even realizing it.

The panicked voice at the other end of the line has you worried, and as you try to get the person to slow down enough for you to understand what they are saying (you did just wake up after all) – you are able to make sense of what is going on.

It turns out Tim (“happily” married man with four children) was out with Suzie (person on the other end of the line) last night in one of the popular hangouts and they bumped into Joan (one of the girls Tim has had a relationship with during his married life – yes, there have been many girls) and Suzie is positive that they are still sleeping together (because girls know these things) which now explains the panic in her voice.

Yes, she knew about the wife because this is common knowledge however she did NOT sign up to share “her” man with the entire universe. In all this, you simply shut up and may be throw in a few hmmmms and ahhhhs for good measure but that’s about it.

Then comes the part where your input is really needed and it feels like you have been gagged because not one clear word comes out of your mouth. A few seconds later after you have regained your composure, you say out her question just to confirm that the two of you are on the same page.

“You want to have the exclusivity conversation with Tim?”
“Yes, I just don’t know when the perfect time to do it is”

And that’s when you realize that the ‘no calls before midday during holidays’ rule did NOT make itself.
All of a sudden you can’t remember any of your problems because it feels like you just got hit by a bus. Exclusivity in relationships means that there are only two parties – this gets lost on the fact that “your” man goes to bed every night with his loving wife (whom by the way he promised to be exclusive with). Having this conversation is proof that he could not live by his solemn vow but somehow here is someone who believes that if he committed to her, he would be able and willing to keep this even smaller promise.

Many times people will say that rules are meant to be broken but I don’t know whether they think about the aftermath of no rules. Once you break the rules, well there are no rules after that.
Is Suzie entitled to asking for exclusivity from Tim who has proven that he is not about that life? And even more importantly, how can Suzie trust Tim? May be she’ll get lucky – we are after all up all night.

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2 Responses

  1. Is Suzie entitled to asking for exclusivity from Tim who has proven that he is not about that life?
    >> Sadly, No. She is not.

    Sasa, Which Image is from Google?
    Tehehe… Has this blog changed?
    I feel like this is a new look

  2. Pearl says:

    So sad about Suzie, there should be a loophole or something. LOL. The featured image (which you only see if you go the blog & not the actual link) is the one from Google. Now, you have me also looking for something new 🙂

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