Everything was still a blur. She wasn’t angry at him, may be a little but this wasn’t really about Pete. She was a grown woman who had no business being reckless, especially knowing what was at stake.

Anne knew Pete. If she gave him even the smallest chance to say something, anything – he would convince her to change her mind. That the timing wasn’t ideal but that they would get through it. Together, like everything else they had.

She wouldn’t let that happen. She couldn’t let that happen. She could already feel the taste of the resentment that would grow and eat out all the happy memories they shared. It was best this way.

She blinked back the tears that were fighting the barriers. She hadn’t cried in years. She wasn’t sure whether she could remember how to but she didn’t risk it anyway.

The lady at the counter was looking at her funny, as though she was the first person to buy one of these. There was no chance of that though. This wasn’t her first trip here, although she had promised herself that the last time would be the last time. For a while she had managed to keep her promise, until Pete came along.

She wouldn’t think about Pete. Or his charming smile. Or how he saw through all her bullshit from day one, and still stayed. Or how he….

NO. She needed to be strong.

She needed a drink.

Later. Soon.

She had to confirm what she already knew. The people in the corner office always made sure you were 100% sure. Anne had escorted enough people there over the years, but this would be her first. Not that there would be a second. Over her dead body, and she didn’t mean that in a dramatic way. It was simply the truth.

Constantly looking at her watch did NOT make time move faster, in fact it looked like it was playing “freeze”. She couldn’t risk taking the test at work. That would be a sure death wish, what with the boda ride she had to take. She could wait a few hours. Although it was a little too late for that, exercising patience that is.

Two lines. For some reason, she was truly shocked. There was no choice, only one course of action to take.

The people from the corner office said that they were fully booked for the next day so she made an appointment for the day after that.

24 hours. Then she’d be free.

Free but empty. And lost. And Alone. There would be nothing left.

It’s been real.

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