My World.

Have you ever woken up tired? Almost more tired than when you went to sleep? Has that ever happened every day, for as long as you can remember?
Have you ever given to the point of having nothing left to give and yet your world won’t stop taking?

I live in a world where it is obscene to spend 150,000 Uganda shillings at the Social Media Summit (all meals included) but spending 80,000 Uganda shillings (entrance fee only) at Blankets & Wines where overall expenditure definitely exceeds 150,000 Uganda shillings is ‘okay’.

In this world, not ‘falling in’ for happy hour three nights a week at a different hangout place implies that one is under the weather. That’s the only reason one might have for not wanting to ‘turn down for what’. In some cases, the illness still doesn’t hold one down.

This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, which is something my world is about- not making sense, because the employment situation would bring tears to even the hardest of guys. Obviously employers are somewhat to blame for ‘robbing’ their employees (then again if there was a set minimum wage that wouldn’t happen but that is a discussion for another day) so it doesn’t help when one squanders away the little they get/ have.
There’s a reason all those stories told through generations had mention of ‘squandering away one’s fortune’, how about you get what to waste before you waste it away? Well if you are from the ‘consistency is key’ school of thought, you’ll need more than a few shillings to maintain that squandering lifestyle.

In this world, this brings about the worst of kind of problems; the ‘drink on a tab’ and the ‘run away from the bill’ situation. Well if you have been in a situation where you were asked where it is your ‘friend’ has gone off to and whether he/ she might be back soon then you’ve thought about what you might do to them if you found them in an abandoned parking lot by themselves, and you were sure no one was watching… Don’t worry, it was just a thought.

This same world (pretty impressive? That’s what you’d think) is famous for speaking ill about people who consider them friends and will even stoop as low as using the info to ‘gain’ good favor with others. I swear it seems like a telenova and not the bearable kind.

There’s this thing in my world, that if (and that’s an assured if) you knew the ‘right’ person, things could turn around for you in a big way if you were willing to look the other way on certain things, were willing and able to do certain things for certain things. I guess it’s a plus that the promises made are usually fulfilled because I doubt one would appreciate turning their white to gray for that kind of nonsense.

If I had a gun to my head and had to tell, I’d say that the strongest/ most powerful Super Power in my world is the ability to pretend. That everything is okay, that one’s friends are not monsters/ bullies/ perverts you name it. That one is cool, and loved and that the world would stop if one was not around. That one can burn bridges without consequences and that bad things only happen to good people. That one doesn’t deserve everything that’s happening to them. That one is special or unique or both. That one is a good person.
The icing on this cake is that when one finds out all the above and more is not true, the super power with its unmatched abilities swoops in and we are back to square one.

Obviously I wouldn’t negotiate with terrorists so this is a case of If 3.

In a world like mine, I guess it is understandable to be tired all the time.

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