It’s been real.

31st December 2015, wow – this year sure has flown by. It feels like my birthday was only yesterday. Where did the year go? I’ll just add that to the list of unanswered questions.
I don’t have a strong recollection of how I got into 2015 – or any recollection if we are being honest and honesty is on my list of 2016 goals so this is a step in the right direction.
I didn’t make resolutions for 2015 because ‘why set myself up for failure?’ I have been there and done it, at least that was my reasoning.
This year has been many things, I couldn’t write them all even if I wanted because I don’t think I would finish. Or I doubt I’d have the patience for it.
I got a new job, the best in the industry and every now and then I pinch myself to remind myself that this is happening. Every time I look at my identification card and business cards, I can’t stop counting my blessings.
I have already decided when I will begin my birthday countdown, as always – because consistency is key. I am hoping to beat this year’s two cakes so fingers crossed. A ladder cake sounds nice.
Somewhere along the way, I gave in and customized my blog and I am entirely glad that that’s out of the way.
I applied for the Voices of Youth internship blogging and made the cut. Njagala to thank God, my family and friends… It’s the best thing that happened this year – nothing better than knowing that you beat about one thousand people. You can check out my latest post
My Bikozulu addiction went from 10 – 1000 real quick. I can’t quite remember a time this year that his writing hasn’t had my back. It has been a close second to being a constant in my life, right after Ntinda jam. In case you have never heard of him
Looking at me now, it is impossible to tell that I enrolled for a work out class that I jumped out of as soon as I realized it was encroaching on my pizza budget. Yes, I am going to die fat and alone.
Justin Bieber released an album with purpose, and many still shake their heads in disbelief as they listen to songs on replay. Isn’t life beautiful?
I traveled to the village for Christmas, and it is still as traumatizing as it was the first time I went when I was 10 years old. I am glad I did though.
What’s a year without social media madness? Well, let me know when you find out. Let me take this opportunity to send a shout out to people who still don’t understand snapchat, it is okay!
Sitting on my bed looking at a heap of dirty clothes that for some reason have refused to take a hint and wash themselves, I am truly excited for 2016 (as though it matters). To people who already have their ‘New year, new me’ speeches ready (some have already been shared), don’t let no one … Nah, nvm.
It’d be a shame if you didn’t make it to 2016 after coming this far so how about you are careful as you ‘turn down for what’ to get ‘lit’?
Cheers to a lovely 2016.

With Grace.

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