Turning Tables

Fine, if that’s what you want.
We both know this has never been about what I want, it’s always been about you Jake.
Is that really what you believe Suzie?
Doesn’t matter what I believe, the painting’s on the wall.
I guess this is it then, huh?
I guess it is.

Suzie exits the room; Jake overturns the desk. What’s the point of any organization at this point?
Dear script writers, the above scene has reached its useful life.

At what point does one know that it is time to walk away from a relationship?
Many people will say that when you feel that ‘it’s no longer there’ then it’s time, they may not be very helpful on what exactly it is they mean by that statement.
Other times people consider the time (and effort) spent in the relationship because, well I am guessing because time is money or something like that.
Depending on how much your family and friends like or do not like the person you are with, the advice could range from ‘don’t make a rush decision’ to ‘you were always better than that any way’.
Without a doubt, there will be mention of how you guys look good and cute together. Not having that said says something as well.

I am curious, do people give others as much ‘airtime’ when they are deciding to get into a relationship as they do when they are trying to get out of one?
It’s almost like the person is at crossroads and which road they choose is still ‘negotiable’ or being taken under advisement.
Unless someone was involved in the process of one getting a job or will be involved in the process of getting another (or you are suprrrr tight like Liz & I), people usually get told when someone has left a job and not when they are ‘planning’ to leave.
At a gathering, there is a higher chance of someone telling you that they are planning on breaking up with their person than that they are planning on leaving their jobs. Even when they do, most people write it off to stress that sooner or later wears off.
Is it that employment is more rational which means people trust their own judgement more than the issues that concern the heart? (Although for career people, their job does concern their heart. And mind. If you didn’t read that in a Trevor Noah voice, sigh. What does it matter anyway?)


So when it is all said and done, is there a perfect time to walk away? Will you ever be ready?
I say no, you pick up a backup (it helps if it has some fancy pinkish design and walk away).
Then you free fall and hope that when you land you’ll have found your footing.
Or not, people have walked/ been walked down the aisle while still ‘planning’ to end a relationship.


Oh, anyone know where someone can get a nice table?


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  1. I have a Carpenter who can help with the table

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