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The Kampala Restaurant Awards were announced and nominees for the different categories were revealed last month. The awards ceremony is set to take place at Serena Hotel, Victoria Ballroom on the 25th November 2015.
The public who can vote online at and a panel of expert judges will choose the winners from each category.
Yujo Sushi Bar & Izakaya, one of the restaurants nominated in the ‘Best Restaurant of the Year’ and ‘Best Asian Cuisine’ categories, a Japanese restaurant held a Sushi & Sake tasting on 12th November 2015 at their premises located on Plot 4 Kyadondo Road.
Sushi, a Japanese food consisting of cooked vingared rice combined with other ingredients like seafood, vegetables and sometimes tropical fruits, is often served with wasabi and soy sauce.
It’s almost impressive how every time I eat sushi, it feels like I am eating it for the first time to the point of re-learning how to use chop sticks and this time was no different. I think my street cred might have suffered a bit but I am sure it’s nothing we have not survived before.
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The drink of the night was Sake, a Japanese rice wine made by fermenting the rice that has been polished to remove the bran. On average, Sake contains 18%-20% alcohol which is higher than other wine that contains 9%-16%.
In Japan, where it is the national beverage, Sake is often served with special ceremony – gently warmed in a small earthenware or porcelain bottle called a tokkuri, and sipped from a small porcelain cup called a guinomi.
It was served in normal short glasses with ice cubes that are specifically made for Sake; these melt slower than our everyday ice cubes because the water affects the authentic taste of the wine and they wouldn’t have any of that. I am not one to give new things a try but one sip of the Sake was all it took; the next time I am at an Izakaya, I will definitely order it.


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One of my colleague’s reaction when I told her how I spent my evening the day before was ‘You’re so fancy’; all I could manage to say was ‘Fancy looks good on me, so why not?’
Check out the Yujo Sushi bar & Izakaya when you get a chance, you won’t regret it. One of those places you’ll always find yourself going back to.
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