#UgBlogWeek Day 6: Like me… Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

Facebook has been around for a while forever but I don’t think the ‘like’ madness was always this way. Or maybe people were immune to it then.
Fast forward to the Instagram era and it is clear where the madness is here to say.
Maybe the social media competitions that have criteria of ‘highest number of likes’ are part of the problem but it is safe to say that people are doing it for the likes.
Scrolling through a timeline, one can’t help but wonder if someone had enough time to enjoy any of the events/ occasions they are at if they were busy posting everything in real time.
As if that is not enough, posting these images is accompanied by the standard that is likes.
I think the most amusing bit is that people will not so much as say hi when they bump into each other but will like each other’s pictures. Shouldn’t you like someone a little bit (at least nod at each other at the mall) so that you can appreciate bits of their lifestyle?
Am I setting a standard here?
Personally I would prefer it if someone liked me in real life as opposed to virtual likes on pictures that I manipulate with filters (Hi Valencia); these likes are welcome in all forms like Javas chicken salad sandwich, Cappuccinos, kikalaayiand the like…
Likes are equated to recognition or validation therefore a profiler might say that the obsession to them is caused by the need to fill a vacuum that exists in real life.
May be this is not true in all cases because even Cinderella’s glass slipper could only fit her but how about people try to satisfy the needs in their real lives so that they are not reduced to hunting for likes as though their lives depend on it?
Take a moment to enjoy that moment, yes pictures speak a thousand words but does it have to be you that’s ALWAYS taking/ posting the pictures?
Speak to your neighbor, learn something new.
Attend an event without posting a picture at the event.
Live your life; don’t let it pass you by while you are consumed by the madness.
At the end of the day if people like you, you will know because they will make the effort to ensure you feel liked.
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  1. The things the cyber world exposes about us, one is the deep desire to be liked…

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