#UgBlogWeek Day 5: YOU are part of the problem!

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

From time to time, there are things that happen that cause people to put their citizenship as Ugandans up for sale. Saying it is sad is a bloody understatement.
Every time you give a traffic officer some money to make a ticket go away, you are the reason that corruption & bribery continues to thrive. You are supporting a broken system.
When you pass up your right to vote for your leaders, you are enabling wrong leaders into power. You are encouraging a broken system.
When you pay extra to get you passport or driving permit renewed without you having to stand in line for days on end, you are the reason the process will never get better.
Those times that you do not stand up to people that slut shame women because it does not concern you, your indifference increases the violence towards women.
That one time you called your uncle to ‘help’ you get a job although you are not qualified for the position, you are the reason nepotism in the employment continues rising.
Every time you say ‘it’s never that serious’ when someone is cyber bullied, you are the reason people continue to feel inadequate to the point of depression or worse.
I could go on & on (literally) but if you don’t get it by now, you probably won’t.
Things will never get better at a national level if people refuse to take a personal stand about the main things.
As long as you continue to live within the grey areas of this life, at least have the decency not to expect the good life to hit you out of the blue.
Like Oliver Queen would say,

You have failed this city

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  1. Contraband says:

    I AGREE.

    Great post.

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