#UgBlogWeek Day 3: Thorns, but where are the roses?

Dashing for shelter as the skies opened, Liz was almost irritated that the rainy season was here. The dry season had been severe though so she was not complaining overly. Getting to work drenched was not what she wanted but if the previous days were anything to go by, the rain wouldn’t let up for a few hours.
Daniel would pick her up if she asked but she didn’t want to rely on him like that. Besides their relationshipsituationship was not like that, it didn’t involve seeing each other before the sun was down. She didn’t want to make things anymore complicated than they already were; the look on her face when he suggested that they attend a family wedding together had caused such a big quarrel that could be re-ignited by the smallest of things.
She couldn’t afford a cab as she was barely getting by with the little money she made so that was totally out of the question. She couldn’t help but wonder whether things would get better; she had overheard a conversation about the office politics.
Doug, her boss had been hitting on her for so long she couldn’t remember a day going by without him doing so. As she stood on the veranda that chilly morning, Liz imagined what it would be like if she gave in to his advances.
She would get that promotion that she had been dying for which would definitely change her life in a huuuuge way. Word on the grapevine was that Michael had a pretty good shot at getting the promotion even though she had been around longer and her records were significantly better than his.
Heck, she could already picture herself driving to work on a rainy morning without a care in the world, assuming she didn’t call in ‘under the weather’ which would be acceptable in such a position.
A new apartment with piped water; oh how she’d love to let the water pour down her hair to her back with only the turn of a tap. She wanted her basins and buckets days behind her so that she could pretend they never happened.
She’d be one of those ‘fancy’ girls that attend the coolest parties and have V.I.P tickets for all events, she’d be taken care of. The ones that become tabloid material that not appearing in the papers is a bigger shock than appearing. She wondered what it is like to order drinks by the bottle on an ordinary night out or what it must feel like to go shopping without having to look at the price tag every second, and walking away because the price was her meal budget for a month.
Gone would be the days of skipping supper because breakfast for the next day had won the coin toss.
It had to be sunny with such a life, even on a rainy day.
The thought of rain brought her back to reality; she noticed that the rain had reduced to a light drizzle. She held her bag tighter as she prepared to run to the stage for a taxi and hoped she didn’t catch a cold, or worse.
Heaven knows she couldn’t afford it.
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