Don’t be selfish!

The script never changed; miss as many lectures as possible, stay updated with the class’ progress (if it pleases them) then panic when it was time for exams and believe for good results even knowing that there wasn’t a single deliberate effort made in that direction.
October is here (AGAIN), turns out it’s an annual thing. If you are 24 years old, that means that you have had 6 Octobers as an adult. Those older or younger, do the Math.
October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which I am sure everyone knows because heaven knows different organizations have invested in making this known. As the saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’, that is pretty much what this is about.
Daily Monitor has taken on the pink ribbon in recognition of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and The Sound Cup will be donating UgX 1,000 off every cup of coffee sold during October to cancer support group UWOCASO. To all the other organizations doing something…
What are the rest of us doing? Have you gone for breast cancer screening? Have you encouraged your sister/ friend/ wife/ mother/ workmate to go for breast cancer screening? This is NOT to say that only women get breast cancer but their chances of getting it are waaaaay up there.
I am sure that there are many organizations doing discounts on mammograms, sharing information on self breast screening but people would rather share the latest nudes than pass on this information to those that might not have it/ are world class procrastinators/ that might need a bit of a push before they get around to actually doing it.
This is not a moral conversation, by all means share those nudes with whomever you wish but be sure to share the breast cancer information you chance upon (especially this month because it will be a lot) as well so that your nude buddies are around long enough to keep receiving them.
Over the past one year alone, there have been very many hashtags and or donation drives for people suffering from cancer (not specifically breast cancer) and in that moment, everyone seems to be on board with the cause, touched by the pain and determined to do anything they can to ensure that the lives of the patients are saved.
If you have had a close family member or friend suffering from cancer, you know that the pain stretches all resources; financial, emotional, psychological… 
Let this not be just another October, that comes and goes as we count down to Christmas/ the New Year or panic because the resolutions have not been achieved with time flying at the speed of light.
The entire cancer experience is a pain that requires so much sacrifice from those that surround those with it, why wouldn’t you stop it if you could??
If you can treat it today, why wait till it’s too late?
It starts with YOU! Get those breasts checked today…
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