Finally Friday – The reason TGIF was invented

Day: Friday
Time check: 1920hrs
Walks out of the building seeing as the report refused to play ball and I am not in the mood of kissing a$$.
Time check: 1923hrs
Walks into Big Mike’s bar (it’s practically across the road from my office building)
Mood: There is A LOT of room for improvement.
Not my usual scene if there is such a thing then again it’s not every day that I have a tab worth UgX 450,000/- so one does not have the luxury of being picky.
Pretty cool, right? Wrong, Fucking Awesome!!
So here’s how it works; the good people at Touch FM 95n9 have a Please Close My Tab Challenge which gives people a chance to open a tab or fill a friend’s tab. All you or your friends have to do is call in on Wednesday & Thursday during the Relentless (3-4pm), Live Wire (4-7pm) or The Breeze (7-9pm) show (or all the above if you’re into leaving nothing to luck) and stand a chance to enjoy the Finally Friday night at Big Mike’s bar, Acacia Avenue.
You have not had to literally see your life until you have beer worth UgX 200,000/- and Absolut Vodka shots worth UgX 250,00/-; because all of a sudden you begin to doubt yourself, can’t help but really wonder if you have what it takes, and such other things that creep up on fairly organized individuals.
Time Check: 8 ish
The vibe of the night is ON, everyone is aligned to the turn up you just want to bottle the moments and watch them forever.
Mood: Now that’s what I’m talking ‘bout *Mr. Gru’s voice*
For those of you who think you are are bigwigs but are always asking people to buy drinks for you, this is an opportunity for you to enjoy a night out without worrying that you might not ‘bump’ into someone to sort you out.
Time Check: ‘Checks phone for time but does not remember to check the time’ O’clock
Mood: I’m yelling Timbrrrrrrrrrrrrr aka when the rrrrrs are on the loose.
Never been one to walk away from a challenge although I am especially thankful that my amazing friends were there with me, cause what are friends for if not to take shots for you?
For the babes whose Super Power is ordering drinks they can’t afford, pronounce and don’t know the contents, here is your chance to do so with a smaller or no audience since you get to choose who you hang out with and my guess is your people have similar mannerisms so no kuswalaring.
Don’t walk around saying ‘You’re broke so you won’t be going out next Friday’; it makes you look bad, it makes your ancestors look bad and you’re probably one of the reasons people keep losing faith in humanity.
Don’t be THAT guy (gurrrrrl).
To the Awesomeness that is Friday…

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