The Wristband Moment

A few years ago, some guy in the advertising industry woke up and said ‘This cannot be life. We need more’. And alas wristbands were born <Obviously this is my version of the events>.
Ugandans have not looked back since.
Be it a product, campaign or trendy phrase, it must find its way onto a wristband for people to truly know that it is the shiznits.
P.S: Did you know that there are wristbands that are not made of rubber? Shocker, difficult to tell when all one ever meets are rubber wristbands.

I can’t say for sure how effective wristbands are, something to do with pay grade and what not, but it’s safe to say they are here to stay.
If I recall correctly, my first memory of wristbands is Moze Radio of the Radio & Weasel fame, and it was always amusing that he had so many they actually went all the way to his elbows or something like that. 
Wristbands are pretty cool but for the love of everything nice I do hope after this people will stop calling them armbands (mweemanyi)
My wristband moment happened a week or so ago when I chanced upon some Suprrrr amazing art that I started to stalk all the accounts affiliated to it. I was so overwhelmed that I HAD to ask the owner whether I could write stuff with his art, and he said ‘Cool’, just like that. Definitely highlight of this month!!
Andres’ work is great and the diversity totally does things to me. So basically I am very excited about this. I think it’s definitely going to be A LOT of fun.
Here’s to new beginnings
Check out his stuff on and you definitely need to watch him live on periscope. You’ll want to buy me a cup of coffee or smfn!   
Happily Ever After

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