How is it ALL about the numbers?

Yesterday, The Pearl Guide held the second KlaPhotoMarket at Yasigi beer gardens; prior to the event there was a competition of sorts where winners were to win photo frames.
In order to win, a person had to have the most likes on Instagram and retweets on Twitter.
Granted St. Noa Junior Boarding School Zana Kibuye, Entebbe Road might not have been the best place to learn English however Ms. Nanyunja and my awesome family made it possible for me to be in a position to question an arrangement like this.
These kinds of competitions are on the rise so how is one expected to stand a winning chance if they have significantly less followers than others because it is after all those followers that like or retweet the posts?
This all comes down to whether your followers like you, as a person or are bothered enough to do the needful. I don’t know about you but that’s a combination of unnecessary pressure and leaving things to chance which is just a NO-NO.
What happened to the good all days when competitions were fair and square for all the participants? When one won on the basis that they met the criteria and not because they have the kind of vibe that not only makes people follow them in the first place but also ensures that the people do not unfollow after a time t.
One might say that the people who go ahead to lobby for likes and retweets deserve to win, but I think that’s just sad.
Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a better way for these social media competitions to choose the winners but surely there are many ways of killing a rat.
I am not only saying this because I really wanted to win a frame but because I would have loved to have a real chance at winning it.
I’ll just go back to my wall without a frame!
#UgBlogWeek Day 6: Like me… Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

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