Frozen dreams.

Tonight was colder than usual, at least it felt colder. Sandra hang onto her coat tighter as she willed her shift to come to an end.
To imagine that she once thought night jobs were cool, life had a way of laughing you right in the face.
It seemed like decades ago when she had dreams of building an empire, taking on the world and creating world peace while she was at it. Everything seemed so possible then, now finding the money to buy her supper felt like the kind of job she needed to call in Tom Cruise for.
Everyone said that it was never too late to get back on track but truth be told, she didn’t believe that anymore. At first she had, she had it all figured out. She would only do this for a few months as she waited for her big break. Determination and passion were all it took to make something of oneself and she had had that in large doses.
Somewhere along the way, the candle of passion had burnt out and determination seemed like a distant memory.
Today, she was simply okay being alive although sometimes when she lay in her bed with the lights off, she wondered whether there was anything else after this thing called life.
The hooting of the car brought her back to reality; Mr. Shouts-at-the-help was back from yet another night of partying which meant she had thirty minutes or less to go.
At least she had her poison that kept the pain, disappointment, frustration and anger at bay; feelings were a luxury she could not afford, she would not pay that price.
Don’t be selfish!
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