‘Dear Lord, please make a way’, she whispered and looked at herself one last time in the bathroom mirror.
It felt like yesterday when she had a room full of mirrors, but she would not let those memories out. The pain might unhinge her.
A new doll house was the latest addition on baby Nicky’s list of wants yet she could barely afford her milk. This was great though, it meant that Nicky believed the ‘we are only visiting Aunt Leah for a while until she feels better’ story.
‘It’s only a matter of time’, she couldn’t help thinking…
‘Then what?’
‘Let’s get through today. Then we can worry about the rest’
‘I want Mummy’
It’s like Aiden had a way of knowing when she was about to leave. Then the crying began.
Almost like he was scared that she wouldn’t come back.
It broke her heart every time that happened.
What happened to the dreams of building an empire and laying the world at her children’s feet?
She had been having ideas of late.
Committing a crime in order to save your angels can not in itself be a crime.
This is what it had come to.
It was way past the time to reshuffle that deck because the cards were not working in her favor.
The landlord was getting more impatient by the day.
She had gone for yet another job interview, the 6th this month but had not yet heard anything.
As she held baby Nicky close to her chest humming her to sleep, all she could do was pray.
So many times I get caught up in my world and what I want and how much I want it NOW that I end up being mad at God for ‘doing him’ (doing what He wants and not what I want). Even the smallest of problems is huge to the beholder but some problems are simply BIG.
A single mother with 2 children got abandoned by her man (whom she was living with but was not married to), lost her job because she would not have sex with her boss and someone else was willing to, had to sell her car and leave her home because she couldn’t afford it anymore. Left with no choice, she has to live with someone else at their mercy always worried that one wrong move might be the end of the roof for her and her babies. Children being as creative as they are, they want everything and anything and one can only imagine what it is like to constantly tell your children ‘not today hunny’ when they ask for something.
I don’t know about her family but it doesn’t look like she has any support from them.
Amidst all that, her faith in God has never been stronger. Just the other day, I was involved in a bajaj accident and I was proper mad at God but even with all this in her life, she is NOT shaken.
This was definitely a reflection moment in my life and hopefully I will learn to be more grateful for my life and life in general.
Side bar: This font (Century) is awkward in a nice way!!
Oh, how time flies…
Mark It!! Then Make It.

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