Oh, how time flies…

It was just yesterday, and I only knew of you.
The yesterday before that I didn’t know of any existence of you…
Or so they say
I can’t seem to remember any of it…
As far as I am concerned, I woke up the day that I met you
Don’t get me wrong, I was always around
Zombie-ing my way in heptagons waiting for purpose
One look at me, and you had to take me out of my misery…
A smile here and a smile there
It’s still a wonder that these huge teeth didn’t scare you away
Even though you wear it rarely, you wear it well
By now you must be tired of me telling you this.
What can I say that I haven’t yet said?
More inside jokes later than we can both remember
I am grateful for all that you are to me.
For all that you make me want to be.
Each day I am glad that it’s with you
To more balconies & rabbits…
Dance for you ~ Beyoncé <Coz there’s a Beyoncé jam for errrrrthang>
Let’s talk Social Media Influencers!!

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