Enemies of Progress: Exhibit A

I don’t normally do this or is it ‘normally I wouldn’t do this’? Well now’s not the time to give in to the voices in my head, which reminds me I need to watch ‘Inside Out’ ASAP. Babe this weekend, Yes?? 
Crap. As I was saying…
The plan is to write this in an hour* give or take, not the usual 2-7 days that I usually take (assuming it doesn’t end up in the bin when all is said & done). A friend keeps mentioning how good it is to express everything while one is still in the moment although I think that is a problem in itself, but that’s a story for another day. Also I have always wondered how Jem jemijo.wordpress.com does it since most of her posts are inspired by things in the moment so I figured I’d try it out.
It’s a Tuesday evening about the time that I usually check out Biko’s blog bikozulu.co.ke, (the real reason as to why I will stop blogging… It’s too depressing keeping on with this farce knowing there is masterpieces such as his), only he usually has guest bloggers which is the case today and it’s just not the same. Sob. Sob.
Okay. Enough. Of. This. Nonsense.
In life we have friends, enemies, family, haters, acquaintances; you catch where I am going with this? LOL, how can you? I have NO idea where I am going with this.
Ene who, somehow enemy of progress fits into the picture**
Often abbreviated as EOP; an Enemy of Progress refers to someone who hinders progress or positive situations.
John walks past as Lisa is taking a picture of something.
Lisa: “John you are such an Enemy of Progress”.
For this exhibit, I will talk about 2 types of people who compromise relationships as a result of their EOP actions
   1.  The ‘makes promises but never keeps them’ person: Fun fact about this person is that no one asks them to make these promises. They are always more than eager to offer their help. Fast forward to the moment when the promise should be fulfilled and they play Dead*** to the extent of reducing someone to kubanjaring the promise.
This is particularly common when things like concerts, jobs, connections are involved.
   2.  The ‘does not return things that they have borrowed’ person: I am sure I do not need to introduce this kind of person as we have all experienced this. If you haven’t then you my friend are this person. They will confidently swear on their lives that they will return the property on time never to do so.
This applies to everything ranging from books to jackets, you name it.
If all else fails, remember these four things;
        i.        NO one is paid because they have the biggest number of promises made per day, week or month so if you won’t do it, don’t say you will. If you’re not sure, don’t commit ‘I’ll get back to you/ I’ll let you know’ was invented for times like these.
      ii.        If circumstances change from when the promise was made to the time of fulfilment, have the courtesy to inform that person of these changes and whether timelines need to be re discussed or request pardon from the promise. Like an organized individual.
     iii.        The owner of the property bought it for a reason, you are not that reason. If you do not have the decency, look for shame within yourself that makes you feel terrible if you do not return property.
  iv.        If you find that you have a difficult time returning property, stop borrowing. Buy yaown things.
*Took about 4 hours
**Pure Math I ‘Prove the formula’ concept: When you did not know how to so you waited until you flipped the page and proudly wrote ‘Hence Proved’ knowing damn well knew that it didn’t in anyway.
***Kevin Hart reference which makes more sense if you have watched Let me Explain  
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    Pearl, i too wonder how Jem gets to write up really inspiring posts very often and here i am, with many rough drafts but haven't yet decided which one actually post…i like the part of ‘The does not return things that they have borrowed’ person' i've met them and the only way forward for them is to "borrow" ur stuff back

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