I have never really been the giving gifts kinda person mostly because I am really terrible at it. You don’t believe me, see for yourself!!
If this were a movie, I’d make you breakfast in bed; freshly made Orange juice (for some reason movies never have butunda), toast, bacon and may be scrambled eggs seeing as you becoming fatter than I am is on my to-do list.
I’d then insist we lie in bed for 2 seconds, just because we can.
I’d wear a lovely sun dress, just how you like it, and give a lousy excuse as to why I have to leave for a few hours although we both knew that I’d finalizing the plans for your ‘surprise’ party. Funny how birthdays are always during summer in the movies; yes script writers mbagudemu.
You’d go for the salon appointment I made for you weeks ago not because you really care about the state of your hair but because you couldn’t risk that not going might make me sad or angry or annoyed, with me it’s never easy to tell which it will be.
When you got back to our apartment, the first scent when you step into the room would be the chocolate flavor in the air from Chocolate cake I’d have baked you and even though Chocolate is not your favorite you’d flash that gorgeous smile only you know how to pull off. I’d get startled once I noticed that you were standing at the counter and ask how long you had been standing there. You’d walk up to me and kiss me nice & slow and I’d totally forget that I was waiting for you to answer a question which I couldn’t even remember anyway.
I’d carry the cake and place it on the table right next to your nicely wrapped gift, and I’d shyly ask you to unwrap it. You’d have more happiness than one should ever have if any after finding out that their gift was a CD, and I’d tell you this to which you’d say that not everyone has a mixtape made just for them (obviously these guys don’t know about Soundcloud) and somehow we’d both laugh; I’d attempt to sing to you as you cut the cake but my singing as always too dangerous, that I’d abandon it almost immediately.
We’d dress up for dinner which we are to have with your best friend and his wife who happens to be my best friend. (WOW!! IKR) Hand in hand, we’d walk in and all our friends would shout ‘SURPRISE’ and you’d actually act surprised because everyone put in so much to make your day perfect. My gurrrrls would comment on how great we look together to which I’d deny while secretly rejoicing!
I’d thank everyone for coming to celebrate with us, open with some cheesy story that was totally embarrassing yet still sweet and I’d totally nail it because that’s how I roll. I’d apologize for what was about to happen and I would ask the DJ to play a video and it would be the cutest sweetest thing you ever saw. Heck, I think you’d blush for a micro second.
Somehow a lovely sunset would materialize out of nowhere & we’d sit at the balcony looking at it, holding hands fully sated on love.
It’d be beautiful.
Happy birthday babe!!

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