All the King’s horses & all the King’s men

Every time I get onto a boda boda, I say a prayer which is A LOT of prayers although there’s no such thing as praying a lot.
I have had a number of hiccups (LOL, as if I can call them that) in my experience with boda bodas but that hasn’t really stopped me from using them altogether (Not that I had much choice) so I moved on to using them smarter ie I basically only use boda bodas when I know the guys or have someone to accompany me on the same boda boda. At one point, I used to have my boda boda guys recommend people they trusted if they were unavailable, needless to say safety & vigilance came at too high a cost to deal with so I used a new approach which seemed to be working quite well.

Heck, I was at a point where I was sharing notes, I would decide which boda boda my friends use; a few more months & I was going to publish my first book ever ‘How to live a boda boda filled happy life’ (Publishers are sure to back out after this though)

Being the organized individual that I am, I left right after finishing what had I to (Yeah, I also don’t know how I do it) 
Smiling at myself for how far I have come & mentally jamming to Sheebah’s Okikola otya by the way, I definitely did not foresee what happened next. It was a case of now you see me, now you don’t. One second I could feel the wind on my back, the next we were tumbling down in the middle of the bloody road. (So much for mentally rehearsing that we are to fall to the left. Too many bloody variables)
It all happened very fast, in an instant but then seemed to have been hours long. I can’t quite explain. I think I almost blacked out, wait did I black out? Can’t remember (Convenient amnesia for all those that I owe… Laters Beeeeshes).
That aside since I am obviously not the first person to be involved in a boda boda accident so here’s what I meant to say;

1. My boda boda guy is the nicest person alive. He literally did everything he could to stop the accident yet he called me multiple times the next day to make sure that I was fine.
2. The assurance that someone is literally a phone call away warms my heart (Not that I didn’t know this already but this was smfn else)
3. I love what I do. It took me about 2 full hours to get ready for work and I wasn’t even able to apply lip balm in those 2 hours but I did finally end up at work. Everyone pretty much told me that I was stupid for showing up at my desk but they just don’t get it. They probably never will.
4. I did not cry. This probably means nothing to many but I find crying very stupid and annoying and unnecessary and uncalled for. Gawsssssh, I could go on & on. I am just glad I didn’t cry.

Okay, I’m tired of typing.
Njagala to thank God that ndi alive, and not even a scratch on my face. The rest will be fine!!!
P.S: This happened weeks ago but the ‘Get well’ Sipulashis always welcome!!

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