The Big 7… Booooo Yeah!!.

I never could manage to find the perfect title but I have never felt as much pressure for all of them combined as I do for this particular one. ‘They are just words’ one might say until you find the emotions people express when I say ‘I am tempted to say that Mad Max: Fury Road is better than Avengers 2 & Furious 7 combined’. What were you saying??

I am surrounded by beautiful gardens and I decided to make the best of the situation since Murphy didn’t want a day off <Get a life dude> but amidst all this I am grateful for my life.
Like a problem, scratch that 7 of them; the kind that brings rabbits & balconies to mind.
It is very important that I say want I need to say but the way life is set up, that would be too easy and she don’t roll likadat.
Have you stopped to think about which fight the Hulk preferred between the one with Loki and the one with Iron Man? I haven’t been able to think about anything else since Saturday night.
Yes, Matooke.
This could easily be one of the longest weeks of my life (and it’s just Wednesday), and I aint even being dramatic. However the same week brings me so much happiness, Aaaaaaaargh none of this makes sense.
May be that’s the point, because if it made sense then it wouldn’t be as intense. Intense is good, trust me you don’t want to argue about this and expose your foolishness (wait, is that the right word to use? Oh, why can’t anything be simple?)
May be that’s yet another point, Simple is just that simple. And plain. And blunt. Like a knife that just won’t come through when you need it the most. You know, to stab someone multiple times. The kind you only get away with if you are Jane Eyre and we all know that was one very long sad life.
In this context, simple is boring.
No thanks, I’ll pass.
See what just happened, this is me every day; mumbling, rumbling, going on and on.
Many times I feel lost, trying to fit in and always falling short only living for the rabbit moments and wishing I could hold onto them. FOREVER.
What I really wanted to say before I took a mile when I got an inch is that I am happy.
Forever makes me happy and I’d do it all over again!!
To a gazillion more…
Travel; for the Creative juices
Taking Stock – Le Wifey Series I

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