Taking Stock – Le Wifey Series I

Disclaimer: I did try to wait for the pictures but patience has never been my strong suit.
Making: Business plans with my dad. I’m excited about these new projects.
Cooking: Nope, not this weekend
Drinking: A lot of water lately; patiently waiting for my body to reward me with a glowing skin and tight up body.
Reading: The new spirit controlled woman by Beverly LaHaye which I stole borrowed from my boss’ shelf. I recommend.
Wanting: To feel this way forever.
Playing: Scrabble with myself because either I win or I win.
Wasting: No time trying to fit into people’s lives.
Sewing: If it ever came to this… “Liz sew this or we’re all going to die.” Yeah… guys, we’re going to die.
Wishing: I didn’t have to go to the dentist tomorrow. Yes, I’m already crying.
Enjoying: This yoga video by Janelle Monae
Loving: The chicken creamy pasta from Chandaz. It’s to die for.
Hoping: I can get started on those New Year’s resolutions. We’re almost halfway through 2015.
Marveling: At some Pompi song whose title I don’t know but I love so much
Needing: A long run through slight drizzles (like in the movies)
Smelling: Mangoes. Because I’m eating onethree. (I’m going through a mangoes phase, guys. Don’t judge)
Wearing: Winnie the Pooh pyjamas
Following: My stupid heart even when I know it’s leading me straight to hell.
Noticing: That I need to be serious and start making better/ bolder hairstyle choices.
Knowing: Damn well that I wasted money on ‘em French classes I’ve never even gone for.
Thinking: About the Mojitos at Big Mikes. I could really use one. Only one.
Feeling: Like I need a trip to Kyanninga. I’ve never been one to love nature but that place is beautiful.
Bookmarking: thisisess.com because Sharon is the most awesomest person on this African planet.
Opening: My mind to different ideas and hoping they settle in
Giggling: At a video by Basketmouth.
The Big 7… Booooo Yeah!!.
On rabbits and balconies…

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