On rabbits and balconies…

May be the post has nothing to do with the title, may be it does… It simply is.
This is probably one of the longest days of my life although I am sure I said that yesterday too so let’s see how tomorrow goes. May be it’s because babe is on leave and away having not a care in the world while I am out here doing whatever I am doing (although he swears that he is Suprrrrrr busy missing me *clears throat* so that has him extra occupied) or that it has been a genuinely long day, nobody knows *Trevor Noah voice*
Nick Jonas’ Jealous is blasting in my ears, I always love how it makes me feel and I’m not even sure how it actually makes me feel. Ever been too lazy to support a vice? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, old age just might be the solution to me having a good life. *breaks into dance* I done gone and figured it out, I am wiser now indeed.
I miss writing… so much that I want to put everything in here because I don’t know when I’ll next be able to or willing to or inspired to or whatever else influences my decision to write.
I am 27 years old; I have been for the past 4 days. It’s amazing, annoying, incredible, boring, exciting basically it’s the same in a different way. You wouldn’t get it, heck I don’t get it at times.
I am on company time and I doubt WPP would appreciate that so imma make it as quick as possible…. A quickie blog post… A blockie ? A quicklog ? Aaaaaaaargh, I am not emotionally equipped to make this decision in the rush of the moment.
I now own a rabbit (like an actual real live rabbit pet), JB is his name and even though I have not yet seen him, from the pictures I can tell that we are going to be great friends. Plus how cool are initials? I am a happy camper I just have to remember that!!!!
I am fat, Suprrrrrr fat. You know how God has a plan for each of us; ‘Dear Lord please let my life be free of fat, grant me the ability to be small Amen’ has to be the most said prayer in my life. I just want to be small, that’s all, no terms and conditions, no check flyer for details. It won’t be easy but I am very determined, I just need to make sure certain meals are banned (Javas and them La Patissiere & Cafessierie ice cream watch ya back)
On balconies from time to time though, it matters not that I am fat because I feel loved. Spending long weekends with your heart probably does that to everyone, and the views I hold dear in my heart. Words cannot explain the moments so I won’t bother.
Ohhhh Ma Gassssssh, Ess just got engaged and although I don’t know her personally I feel like I do so I am very happy for her. Read all about it here http://www.thisisess.com/2015/05/my-engagement-story.html
Is Lonina cute or what? Congratulations Sharon! 

Kampala Restaurant Week is around the corner (June is around the corner right?), I am looking forward to the experience and I should be able to write all about it so that’s something to look forward to.

This was great, I hope to do it again soonest!!
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