What they don’t tell you about long braids.

I have been wanting and promising to plait long braids for as long as I can remember and every time I see someone rocking them. Since I am all about achieving things small and big this year, I went ahead and did them over the weekend.
Three days in and here’s what I will say;
1.    Plaiting long braids takes four times as long as normal braids. Seriously, the sun set and almost rose while I was still in the salon.
2.    Showering is a disaster. There is not a beanie in the world that can tame long braids. Any mistake and the braids are tumbling everywhere; Disaster 101 I tell ya.
3.    They are everywhere all the time. I spent the whole day slapping braids in people’s faces. And when that is not happening, I am keeping it in check.
4.    Imagine carrying the world on your head, literally. Long braids are heavy AF and with a head the size of mine, that’s saying a lot.
That notwithstanding, long braids look amazing but you might want to think twice on your thinking twice before you plait them.
Now to see how long I keep them!!

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