Taking Stock- March

Making: Le Birthday wish list and deciding who will buy what; a riyo difficult job walayi.
Cooking Eating: Nakumatt beef samosas; what is it about those samosas? I literally lose whatever little sanity I have just thinking about them *Yup, imma die fat and alone*
Drinking: The usual!
Reading: Stephen King’s Duma Key… Great book although I have to admit I am taking my sweet time one might not know that I borrowed it. (Note to self: I need to do better if people are to continue to let me borrow their books.)
Wanting: To have my newest system as routine already although I do not feel that I am making a lot of progress if any. Sigh!
Playing: Mind games with a worthy opponent. Must be the April vibe around the corner but I think my scores are looking good.
Wasting: No time in fretting over what I cannot change, money I don’t have and time I do not want to give.
Sewing Building: A new peace/ happiness/ confidence that is not dependent on materialism/ physicality. The irony as I am staring at a recently acquired pair of shoes; Rome wasn’t built in a day right?
Wishing: That with the birthday being around the corner, it will come with a whole new wisdom that is much needed.
Enjoying: Zahara’s Legoma; a truly amazing song. That right there is the power of music, not understanding a single word being sang but relating with a song.
Liking: The fact that I finally got around to going for a swim, it has been way too long. Now to ensure that this get backs into my system, shouldn’t be too hard… I think.
Wondering: Whether I shall stay sane what with all this birthday excitement and April aint here yet. My people are in lots of trouble.
Loving: My person more than ever, if that is even possible. I am truly blessed.
Hoping: To kick so much ass this week as April is ushered in and staying the course throughout the month.
Marvelling: At the human race, for real everywhere I turn leaves my eyebrows raised.
Needing: A full day at the spa and a vacation… SOON. 
Smelling: The scent of my person, in my mind that is; coz I am an organized individual so I wouldn’t be out on a Sunday.
Wearing: Riyo home clothes; of I would go through my wardrobe if the house caught fire and risk going up in flames.
Following: A million series, and it is sooooooo much hard work. Series will be the death of me that’s for sure. 
Noticing: That my life is so boring I doze off in my mind; been feeling like this for a while and I can’t seem to find a solution.
Knowing: That sometimes you just need to chill then let go/ move on/ catch up/ adjust. Just remember to chill!
Thinking: That I need to delete or get rid of so many movies and series because the number of times I have watched them again can NOT be legal.
Feeling: excited about April! I don’t care what it is, it can’t touch this.
Bookmarking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xiqwkx4oujobecause Trevor Noah. I need to watch him live already so that I can move on… As if that is possible!
Opening: a new deodorant… I think I am obsessed with them of late. I keep buying new ones without reason; the experimenting is really dope though.
Giggling: at my brother who finished his Master’s in 2012 but only just graduated on Friday, apparently research is a b!tch.
Feeling: grateful for my life and all that I have been blessed with. I don’t take any of it for granted.

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