If Social Media Awards were a Person…

He’d be that guy who insists that you call him by his nickname ngu nibaanyeta SMAs
Regardless of whether you thought it sounds dumb or not.

That chikidee forever making plans then cancelling
You know that Ninja who asks you to explain something but does not give you a chance to speak

That kyane who rants about the fact that they hate people who rant *a few tweeps come to mind*

The jama who is not yet over the fact that The Sound Cup rolex is 10K

Naawe you have to at least know a deemu who hates on IG *Just use the filters hun, I swear it does wonders*

Okay, the sekse who is forever chanting about turn down for what but closes after 3 rounds of shots.
May be just may be.
Just a suggie
Making conversation really!!

Would it be so bad if there was no one in a category because the bar was set so high?
Does everyone agree with the ‘vote for people with no way of ensuring that it’s only done once’ system? So what’s to stop me from voting for myself buli daily?
Need I mention the flaws in the judge selection? Assuming they were chosen to do what I think they were
That notwithstanding, to all the nominees of the 2015 Social Media Awards, may the odds ever be in your favor!
What they don’t tell you about long braids.
Valentine’s Series: Day Fourteen: What is Love?

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