Valentine’s Series: Day Two: Loving You, February Kind of Way.

My Darling,
February is the hope for brighter times
after the terror that is January.
You are my February.
Like that drizzle that fell this afternoon.
At a point when I cannot take life anymore,
You bring me sanity!
Where would I be without your love?
The security that comes with it should be illegal.
To imagine that someone out there thinks they have it all
Yet they have not met you, what nonsense.
You are my February kind of way
Even though I did not figure it out sooner.
I love that you write to me,
The thought of you spending time on pieces for my pleasure brings me great joy!
I should reward the person that invented milkshakes
For they brought you to me.
I don’t have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed
I do know though that you are my One.
You had to be tailored made for me,
That’s the only sane explanation.
I want every day and every way
Because I want all your love.
What could be better than the memory of the milkshake?
The things you do to me.
I’ll sit by the door waiting for the postman
Because I need to know when I can see you,
And heaven knows, I can NOT wait.
The sooner, the better.
Until then,
Your Gem, Pearl.

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