Valentine’s Series: Day Three: February Boyfriend.

 My Dearest Nev,
Sadly I have heard about Esther, it was impossible not to. Luckily, you won’t be getting mouthfuls today because as I do not know her in person. 
I could never forget that song; no one statement has ever caused so much chaos and it will still continue to do so. 
I understand that sometimes we need some romance without finance but sometimes I can’t help but roll my eyes at the statement. 
The newly opened Javas in the new fancy building with a fancy name will always be there, I’ve been to the cinema thousands of time so the January break was just what I needed. Also, people would have thrown popcorn at me if I had done that ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’ singing there the way I did.
I am glad to say that we made the best of the situation and came out victors.
I like that you don’t distance yourself from me when the monies play hide, and you are losing terribly at seek.
I could swear I saw a girl look at us with envy as we walked up that Muyenga hill hand in hand, trying and failing to lick the ice cream faster than it was melting. But EK is nothing like that; she’d probably ask why anyone in their sane mind would willingly walk up a hill in the sun.
That’s the thing about you, how you find a way to make it work, not like SM who only courts the ladies as long as he has something to flash. When resources deplete, he goes missing. I am sure being the February boyfriend that he is, he has fully prepared for the month after which he will go M.I.A.
Eventually we will do everything we can with the money when we get it but I am happy we are not missing out on each other because money is missing.
Avengers 2 you say, it’s a date then! 
Your Heart,
P.S: I’ll kill the postman if he doesn’t deliver on time.

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