Valentine’s Series: Day Thirteen: Lucky

Hey Nev,
I might not believe in luck but I do think meeting you in my lifetime makes me lucky. Does that mean that I believe in luck? Well, I never said that I have all the answers.
You don’t know this but I didn’t always share my blog posts and had just begun doing so when I saw the bloggers challenge. That’s got to be luck. I can’t imagine any other explanation.
To imagine I almost didn’t make it for the meet at The SoundCup; changed my mind last minute. You still don’t believe in luck?
Does it even matter what we think of our meeting? I think not.
We can argue about this throughout our infinity and that’s okay because that only means I have you.
Funny story, I sorta didn’t believe in love until I met you. That has got to be bloody luck.
That you didn’t meet the girl of your dreams is no coincidence, it is luck because I never talk to strangers in church so it would not have been me. I shudder at the thought of that.
Knowing your civil service lifestyle, I am lucky that you even went through with asking me out for that milkshake. You must have died a thousand deaths.
If I am lucky, which I am, I can NOT help but believe in luck.
What else could explain that?
Truth be told though, I don’t care what it was that brought you into my life because I am simply happy that you are.
That without knowing, I received the best thing in my life.
I can’t help but feel lucky.
I knew that day I met you.
Your Love,
Ded: Your Love is my drug – Ke$ha
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